[Electro Vinyl] Space Dimension Controller - Correlation #3 - Royal Oak - Clone

The 3rd installment of British electronic music producer Jack Hamills Space Dimension Controller pseudonym, this tidy 4 tracker has deep experimental sounds all over it, but it's the first track on the b-side that gets the City of Bass placement today. These days, I'm most interested in producers who are twisting and morphing the sound of electro and pushing it forward into the future, and with this cut "The Trails Your Left Behind", Mr. Hamill takes the electro blueprint and wraps it around with a strong tinge of futuristic funk. Yet another fantastic example of a new fresh take on the sound I hold so near and dear to my heart. Can't hear it? Put on headphones and listen to the music elements - future funk business. Navel gazing in a genre provides warm fuzzies, but its electro pioneers like this, and producers like Alavux, who are laying down the foundation for the future of electro funk. Available now via Hardwax and other outlets. Recommended.

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