[Electro] Dubb Parade - You're Free Remixes - Anti Gravity Device

Japans Anti Gravity Device label has become quite the force in the past few years, releasing a string of killer releases. On their latest, Dubb Parade 'You're Free Remixes' they've assembled some of the finest in the current Electro landscape to take on the boards for remix duties. From the spacy synths of the Hidden Persuader remix, which brings to mind a lonely droid flying over a futuristic Frankfurt circa 2100, to the rough and tumble grooves of the mighty Alavux on 'Rude Boy', the abstrakt space 303 workout from Space Thunder X and finally AE35 taking it home on the mellow back room 4 AM grooves - this EP is essential electro listening. Recommended, and available directly from the label.

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