[Electro] Alavux - Ambience EP - Bass Agenda Recordings

I swear the man like Alavux is communicating with alien frequencies when he's in the studio. Ever since the first time I came across his music back in 2007, he's been an artist I look for with each release. It's not just that the music is kopfnicken, a prerequisite to get written up on City of Bass, but also because he is taking electro forward. There are a lot of producers who do experimental music, but when you can do experimental and retain that "funk" element that keeps heads nodding?  Damn, son. It's the reason I put out his music on Vocode Records and it's the reason I support him going on seven years. This latest EP from Bass Agenda is on that same ill business, with the key tracks being 'Natural' and 'Wrist'. Recommended as a music fan, and not as label head. You can purchase this here.

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