[Electro] Clatterbox - Outside The Box - DJK Productions

There's a lot of righteous music producers out there that keep me motivated to not only produce, but to continue to hunt for music and discover unheard sounds since I started mixing records back in the early 90s. The man like David Kempston aka Clatterbox is one of my go to producers, not only for creating bomb dope beats but for moving and pushing the sound of electro forward. His latest effort, self released on his own label via bandcamp, is titled 'Outside the Box' - funky paranoid broken beats that wrap themselves around you, invite you in to a funky house with a plush red couch with graffiti walls and giant speakers, and welcome you to just listen.

There is a phrase that comes from Texas southern hip hop culture that comes to mind: Trill. It means triple real.. raw, authentic. That's this album, from start to back, and it's so well done. A peak into on man's journey into sound and I'm so glad he is producing music. You can purchase this direct here. Recommended.

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